Wintering Hibiscus Indoors: Winter Care For Hibiscus

A tropical hibiscus adds that tropical flair to your garden. Although hibiscus plants can be grown outdoors in most places in summer, they must be protected in winter. It is simple to winter hibiscus. Let’s take a look at how to winter hibiscus. Who should be responsible for wintering hibiscus? Your hibiscus should be stored indoors if it is below 32 degrees F. (zero Celsius) for more than a few days each year.

Hibiscus Winter Care: Indoor Storage Remember that hibiscus flowers will soon fade if they are kept indoors. Your hibiscus won’t look its best unless you have an atrium, greenhouse, or other suitable environment. It is best to choose a location that is out of direct sunlight. Make sure the new location is at least 50 degrees F (10 C), has some sunlight, and that you remember to water it. How to Water Hibiscus in Winter. The winter months will require less water than the summer. Although watering is important for all year-round care of hibiscus plants, winter care should be limited to when the soil is dry.

You could damage the roots if you overwater. This can cause yellowing of your hibiscus leaves. Information on Caring for Pothos Plants Wintering Hibiscus: Yellow Leaves Normal? If you keep your hibiscus indoors during winter, you can expect to see some yellow leaves. This is normal and the plant is functioning normally. Your hibiscus is in full dormancy if all the leaves are gone but the branches remain flexible. You may place your hibiscus in a dark, cool place to allow it to rest. This is why you’ll want to look for an outside place to care your hibiscus tree in winter. You will get a better plant in summer if you take the time to care for your hibiscus trees in winter.