What to do in the garden in June

What to do in the garden in June

Flaming June is a delight in the garden, what with roses blooming, borders bursting with colour and the first new crops to harvest. Here are the jobs to be getting on with this month:

General tasks:

  • Target weeds, regularly hoeing bare soil on dry days and forking out perennials like ground elder as soon as you see them.
  • Check moisture levels, digging down with a trowel to find out how damp the soil really is underneath – then water where necessary.

Ornamental gardens

  • Take care of hanging baskets dead-heading regularly and adding a liquid feed to the watering can once a week.
  • Tie in new growth of climbers like roses and clematis while it’s still young and pliable.
  • Dig up tulip bulbs to dry and store until you can plant them again in autumn.

Kitchen garden:

  • Sow squash in pots of compost and place on a warm sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse, then plant out in a sunny spot.
  • Sow oriental salads such as pak choi, mizuna and Chinese cabbage as they’re less likely to bolt in mid to late summer.
  • Thin apples so your trees aren’t exhausted by trying to bear too heavy a crop, removing the smallest from each cluster.

You might also be interested in:

Dry and store chillies

Dry and store chillies as soon as they’ve coloured up fully. By now they’ll have developed their full heat and flavour and as soon as the temperature starts to drop they’ll need harvesting before the cold weather sets in.

Plant of the Week: Rudbeckia

Prairie planting, combining tall, easy-to-manage daisies with airy, graceful grasses, is as on-trend as ever.​

Planting Clematis

Plant clematis now to make the most of the warmth still lingering in the air and the soil. This means they have plenty of time to get their roots down before winter ready for a really good performance next year.

How to protect non-hardy plants?

Start moving non-hardy plants under glass now long before they can be hit by frosts. You can keep half-hardy exotic lovelies going from year to year as long as you can keep them reasonably dry over winter: the long list includes fuchsias and geraniums, plus Mexican salvias, diascias and tender herbs like lemon verbena.

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