How To Work In Horticulture – Learn About Careers In Gardening

People with green thumbs have many options for jobs. Horticulture can be a broad career with many jobs, from farmer to gardener to professor. While some careers require a degree or even a graduate degree, others only require experience or the willingness to learn. You can find all kinds of gardening jobs, as well as related careers, to make a living doing something you love. There are many different careers in gardening. If gardening is your passion, you can turn this hobby into a career. Some of the many possible career opportunities related to plants and gardening include: 16.2M2.3K Information On Caring For Pothos Plants Gardening/landscaping: This is a great career choice if you want to get dirty, work with your hands, and if you are not necessarily interested in getting a degree.

You can work for private or public gardens, or for a company that installs landscapes. Agriculture: If you are interested in food, consider a career as an agricultural worker. These include aquaculture, hydroponics, farmers, food scientists, plant breeders and specialty growers like viticulturists (who cultivate wine grapes). Landscape design/architecture: Garden designers and architects create plans and designs for outdoor spaces. These include parks, gardens, public and private gardens, as well as yards. While architects are involved in infrastructure, designers tend to be more focused on the plants. Management of nurseries and greenhouses: These facilities require workers who are passionate about plants and know how to manage them.

These facilities require managers, but also employees who can take care of the plants. Turfgrass management is a specialty in horticulture. Specialized knowledge in turf and grasses is required. You could work at a golf course or for a professional sports team. Horticulture/research: With a degree in horticulture, botany, or a related field, you can become a professor or researcher working with plants. These scientists are often able to teach college courses and also do research. Write about gardening: This is a great way to make a living doing what you love and still earn some money.

There are many areas in which you can share your knowledge, whether it’s for a company or a blog. A book could be written about your gardening niche. How to Get into Horticulture. How you get into horticulture depends on what job you are looking for and your interests. For example, a high school diploma and a passion to work with plants are all you need to be a gardener or a manager of a garden center. A college degree is required for jobs that require greater knowledge and expertise. You can find programs in botany, horticulture and agriculture depending on the type of career you are interested in.