How To Plan And Plant A Garden For Kids

If gardening is your forte, but you haven’t done it in a few years because you’re worried about your children, you should consider planting a garden that is safe for the children and that the children can help you with. Planting a safe garden that kids can help in is an easy to accomplish task. There are only a few things that you have to consider to make your garden safe for your children. Many children love to help their parents with household chores or interesting tasks, at least for a certain amount of time and gardening is one of the things that children generally really enjoy helping with. Depending on the age of the children it might be hard to have them help since they might just destroy the garden instead of being helpful. For younger children it might be helpful to have the garden fenced in or have a container garden or beds that are raised so that the children cannot just run in and over the plants without your permission. When you decide to involve your children in the garden, involve them in all the necessary steps so that they can learn the process.

Garden Ideas For Kids

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that children like to play and can only work hard and diligently for so long. Therefore plan breaks, include games and fun into the designing and planting of your garden. First of all, before buying any plants, go ahead and prepare the garden. Have the children help you dig and turn the garden patch and have them also help you laying out the garden patch with sticks, rocks and string. After preparing the patch, make a drawing together with your children and plan what kind of plants you want to have in your garden. Maybe there will even be a separate area for each of your children, where they can decide on one or more plants that they would like to take care of by themselves this season. When planting a garden where your kids can help never choose any plants that can be poisonous to your children should they try to eat some part of it. There are many nice flowers, vegetables and fruits out there that children can eat the one or other part without being harmed. If you are not sure which plants are included in the safe for children category in your growing region, your local garden center should be able to answer all your questions and give you good advice on what to choose.

Kids Gardening

After the soil is prepared, the design and choices are made; it is time to go to the local garden center. Have your children help pick nice plants, so that they feel important during the process. At the center take one to two extra plants from each of the varieties just in case. There can be accidents when children help plant the plants and after all the most fun is in planting the plants for gowns ups and children alike. And if there weren’t any accidents you will probably be able to find a spot for those plants or a container that you can set somewhere else. During the planting process, mark the sports for the plants and lay out nice lines for the children, so that they exactly know where to plant the plants. If you have time and want to add an extra art project for your children, go ahead and make plant markers with your children that they can use to mark the plants. When the plants are planted, use mulch in between the plants. Mulch is used for several reasons. First of all, shoes will stay cleaner and that is surely something good to achieve, when children are part of the gardening process, second of all, mulch will keep more moisture in the soil as sun blazes down on it.