How LED Grow Lights Can Benefit Your Indoor Plants

LED lights are an efficient lighting solution for homes and are used for various purposes. These lights are small in size and have a very long life. An interesting use of LED lights for grow plants. In areas that receive low sunlight, these lights can prove to be a great advantage for indoor plants to flourish. These can accelerate the growth of plants and promote the process of photosynthesis. Moreover these lights are environment friendly as well as an economical solution.

Here Are Some Advantages Of Using LED Lights For Plant Growth:

  • Efficient Light – The light emitted by LED lights is known as photo synthetically active radiation or PAR. The LED lights emit radiations with the wavelength that is required by the plants. The light of this wavelength when received by the plants help in photosynthesis. The conventional light bulbs used in homes will not be able to emit the light of this particular wavelength. Rather, the heat produced by them will interfere with the natural growth of plants.
  • Saving Energy – The LED grow lights cause far less damage to the environment as compared to the conventional light sources. Also, these require less than half of the energy required by light bulbs. Moreover, these do not need to be replaced after short intervals of time as these have a longer life. All of these factors support the fact that these are energy saving as well as cost saving alternative to the conventional lights.
  • Lower Amount Of Heat Dissipated – The amount of heat produced by these lights is much less than other light bulbs and thus these do not cause any harm to the plants that may cause burning. The plants that require high humidity content present in the air can also be grown in the presence of these lights. Also, frequent watering of plants is not required while using these lights and they can grow in a natural way.
  • Slow Failing Lights – These lights, on completion of their life span, does not burn out suddenly rather they will start giving out dim light which makes them slow failing. These are made from shock resistant material and are not fragile like other light sources. These lights do not contain any toxic or harmful material which is usually present in other lights and can harm the plants.
  • Noise Free Operation – Conventional lights may sometimes be expected to produce noise however LED lights make no annoying sounds and working silently.
  • Fast Operation – The LED lights can quickly turn on and off and are suitable for operations that require frequent toggling. This is because the life time of conventional lights gets reduced due to repeated toggling however this action does not have any considerable effect on the LED lights.

Accessories for indoor plant:

  • Idoor plant stand
  • Indoor plant pots
  • Indoor plant hangers
  • Stands for multiple plants