Growing Fresh Herbs – My Go-To Plants For Home Cooks And Gardeners

Fresh herbs are a must-have for any home cook. You can grow them easily, they are drought-tolerant, and you can preserve their flavor without losing much. The aromatherapy properties of herbs make them useful and therapeutic. Most herbs can be grown by anyone, even beginners. They provide a wide variety of aromas and flavors. Fresh herbs are essential for me. Fresh herbs have a different flavor than dried herbs from the supermarket. When it comes to home cooking, there is no comparison. To get through winter months, you can freeze or dry your herbs.

You can keep the summer-scented, clean flavor as long as they are used within a few months. Seeding Your Tender Herbs: I plant my herbs, including basil and cilantro, from late winter through early spring. I cannot wait to plant them and see their delicious leaves grow. Unfortunately, I can’t install them in my area until Mother’s Day because of the danger of frost. Even though the babies I have overseen are delicious additions to sauces and stews, they also make great additions to other dishes. Fresh cilantro would be a great addition to Cinco de Mayo. My hardy herbs are the one thing I can rely on all year.

These reliable companions are always a staple in the kitchen, no matter the season. My winter cooking is buoyed by fresh herbs such as sage for holiday turkey, thyme to make soups, mint to make tabouli and parsley and mint for Italian night. They only get better in spring and early summer when the beautiful blooms bring life to the landscape and attract many bees. The best soil for herb plants is not too dry. They are tolerant of neglect and can help to keep weeds under control. Some are great ground cover while others have elegant stems that reach the heavens. You can have endless culinary possibilities with the variety of herbs available. This adds an interesting dimension to your garden. Care Instructions for Pathos Plants. You can use them all year.

After the season is over, dehydrate them and then freeze them in ice cube tray. Make pesto and add to oils and vinegars. For easy access, tender plants can be pulled up and placed in the sunlit kitchen window. Fresh herbs can brighten any dish, even if you’re not a skilled cook. Fresh basil and oregano make frozen pizza a great choice. With some cilantro pesto drizzled on top, a boring frozen burrito can take on the Mexican beach vibes. Easy to grow herbs plants that are forgiving and can make even mundane foods sing. Personally, I can’t live without them.