Grow Colors For Your Team – Super Bowl Themed Garden Ideas

Planting team colors in your garden can be a great way for you to support your favorite college, high school or NFL team. You can also use the foliage and flowers you grow for tailgating centerpieces and game day corsages. A football garden can encourage spouses who are not interested in gardening to get involved. You can even make it fun for the Super Bowl. Tips for planting a football garden Before you can plant colors for your team, it is important to identify the right plants. These flowering plants should bloom in the late summer or early fall, to coincide with the football season. These are some examples of garden plants that will represent your team’s colors.

Black: There are many varieties of dark-colored or almost black flowers, including petunias, hollyhocks, bugleweed and hibiscus. Blue: Delphiniums are a popular choice for blue flowers, as well as many varieties of salvia, morning-glory, and chrysanthemum.

Brown: These aren’t dead plants. Many plants and flowers can be found in brown colors, such as cattails and chocolate cosmos. You also have the option to choose plants with brown names. Burgundy: There are many burgundy-colored plants, such as ‘Cranberry Crush hibiscus’, ‘Burgundy Shamrock’, and ‘Firecracker sedum. Gold: You can find gold flowers in many varieties of marigolds, including sunflower, goldenrod, black-eyed Susan and many other marigold varieties. There are also green flowers! Zinnia can be found in the same green color as chrysanthemum. Bells of Ireland are another option.

Orange: The garden will be brightened by the addition of celosia and chrysanthemum orange flowers.

Purple: While purple flowers such as salvia and aster are quite common, purple pansies or the Ebb Tide Rose are also common.

Red: There are too many red flowers to name, but you can find varieties of cosmos salvia, verbena and dahlia that will support your team. Silver: You can find unique interest in silver or gray plants. You can grow dusty miller (or silver mound), dianthus, lavender (foliage), or dianthus. White: Another color you can find in many plants, white flowers such as shasta daisy and zinnia can be the focal point of a football-themed garden.

Yellow: You can use marigold, yarrow and zinnia as yellow flowers for your garden. Consider adding football-related elements to your football garden. You can add stepping stones with your team logo, a cutout of a football player, an old helmet, football, or mini goal posts to allow vines to climb. Plant the garden in the form of a football, or write the initials or name of the team. Super Bowl Sunday is the big day for NFL football. Here are some Super Bowl-themed ideas for decorating your party with centerpieces and decorations: Terra cotta football planter. This is the perfect way to represent a football. For the stripes and laces, use white duct tape. Plant flowers in the team colors.

The planters can be used as table centerpieces, or as hostess gifts. Pigskin planter – Use an old football to plant your team’s colored flowers. The planter should be placed on a piece indoor-outdoor green carpeting. To make your carpet look like a football field, you can paint or use duct tape. Flower-power football: Create a football shape using a block of floral foam. Incorporate team colors into the block. The stripes and laces should be made in a lighter color. Your creative design can be placed on a kicking shirt. For team duct tape, check your local hardware store or scrapbook shop. Tape or paper can be used to cover mason jars. Hot glue a team-colored ribbon to the mason jars and add fresh flowers in your team’s colors.