Garden Plants And Seeds

Wildflowers, Herbs, Cottage Garden Plants, Seeds and Native Hedging. There’s almost nothing quite as lovely as a meadow full of wildflowers and grasses swaying in the summer breeze, butterflies flitting around, bees buzzing, birds are singing and the sun shining. If you are lucky enough to have a few acres of land you could consider transforming a portion of it over to meadow. If you have an average sized garden why not apportion, say, the back area of the lawn over to meadow? Or perhaps create a meadow area around a focal point such as a statue or bird bath.

If the prospect, and challenge, of growing your own plants appeals to you, we can supply seed. Seed is available either as single species or in mixes for various meadow types. Our shop has a wildflower seed department and seed mix department from where you can choose the seed you require. It is worth bearing in mind that a lot of wildflowers take a long time to germinate and some often need a period of exposure to cold before they will even consider putting in an appearance – so patience is required, often over many months. Seed that requires a period of cold (stratification) is indicated on the seed packet. This means that the seed will need sowing in trays of compost (peat-free if possible) in autumn and left outside to receive all the frost and snow that the weather throws at them.

They will then germinate in the spring (Cowslips and Primroses are good examples of seeds that need stratifying). Alternatively the seed can be emptied into small polythene bags of compost or vermiculite and placed in a fridge for a period of 6 weeks and then sown into trays and placed outside. Over time we have developed almost a passion for wildflowers in particular and this is reflected in the different varieties we grow. Also, wildflowers are becoming increasingly rare in the wild and it is, therefore, important that we gardeners, designers and landscapers do all we can to preserve these native species for future generations. It is also important from the point of view of the wildlife who feed on these wildflowers – no wildflowers = no wildlife. Our website will help you to grow the wildflowers needed to attract wildlife to your garden and create a haven for all sorts of bees, butterflies and moths.