Easy To Grow Perennials For A Blossoming Backyard

If you would like to establish a garden that provides you with color and texture year after year, it is easier than you might think. What is the key to a low maintenance garden that can provide you with color year after year? The key is choosing the right plants. Perennials are plants that are generally less showy, but provide you with stable long-term growth. Gardening with hardy perennials is the easiest way to ensure that you cultivate a garden that is rich with blooms year after year. Here are some of the best perennials that are easy to grow and maintain.

Time for a Hardy Perennial – The Four-o’clock Blooms Year After Year

One of the hardiest perennials around is the four o’clock, also known as Mirabilis jalapa. This perennial should be planted in full sun March to June, and loves the heat. It provides you with a pink and white bloom, and some varieties are pink and yellow. These are bushy plants that can grow up to three feet tall. The blooms release a strong fragrance in the late afternoon. The tops of the flowers will die back in cold weather, but these lovely plants will reseed in the garden on their own.

Beautiful Cosmos Provide Bright Blooms in Summer and Fall

Cosmos, a native flower of Mexico, provides bright beautiful blooms. You can acquire both annual and perennials. These beautiful flowers are drought-tolerant once established. They come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from pale pin to bright magenta. These plants are popular because they make excellent cut flowers. They are also non-stop bloomers that persevere throughout the summer and well into the fall. They will also readily reseed in the garden, so they can make a glorious comeback every year in your garden.

The Black-Eyed Susan Makes its Triumphant Return Each Year

Another popular perennial is the black-eyed susan, flower that makes its triumphant return to the garden year after year. These plant seeds should be planted from October to January. They are popular because they can thrive in the sun and require low water usage. The black-eyed susan is also known to attract beneficial pollinators. This plant also spreads easily by seed in the garden. Beware if you want to restrict this plant to one area of your garden, because it has been known to be invasive.

Begonias Provide Color and Warmth to Your Garden Year After Year

Begonias are popular perennials that can also be grown as annuals. These can be planted from September to May, and are often available as nursery stock. These will tend to do best if given filtered, rather than full, sun. Plant begonias in rich, composted soil material and then water and fertilize well with fish emulsion every two weeks.

Artemisia Provides Fragrance and Color Your Yard

This fragrant and aromatic shrub grows as a perennial. It is best to plant in full sun. They will provide your yard with lovely gray, silvery foliage, and are known to attract beneficial insects to gardens. The strong fragrance is also known to discourage insect pests, including moths, ants, caterpillars and aphids.

Gallardia Offers Year Round Wonders and a Long Growing Season

Gallardia, sometimes know as blanket flower, is a perennial that is easy to grow from seed. Plant it in full sun from mid-September to April. This plant is available as seeds or nursery stock and has been known to attract beneficial pollinators and other helpful insects. They are also know to be very hardy, and will continue to flower right up to the first frost if the blooms are removed.