Best Plants For Indoor Miniature Gardens

Climbing plants aren’t very attractive when they are young. They tend to become quite bushy at first. Although it is cute, in a hanging basket it’s not very interesting. As they age, their shoots become longer. Depending on what kind of plant you have, you can let them hang down or place them on a table with a small trellis or stick in the pot. They can then climb up, instead of hanging from the ceiling. Some plants are capable of both climbing and hanging, so don’t be surprised. They all require some form of support to ensure they look and behave their best.

Learn more about how to manage vining plants in the home. Supporting Vining Houseplants Bamboo, wire, rattan and wire all make excellent supports for climbing houseplants. There are many options for support: a spindle, trellis or even round arches. You can make your own trellis or spindle if you are skilled enough. No matter what kind of wire you choose, ensure that the supports for climbing plants are placed in the pot when they are planted. Your roots will be at risk if you use thick stakes to poke into the mix. Supports can be used to train climbing plants’ soft shoots around them. You can make the plant shape into an oval, a pyramid, or a heart depending on how the support is constructed.

You can attach the shoots loosely to the support with string if you desire them to hold better. How to Support Indoor Climbing Plants. Different vining plants need different support types. The type of vining plant you grow will determine the support that you choose. Here are some examples to help you get started. The following plants are good for round arch supports: Growing Inch Plants-How To Grow Inch Plants Passion (Passiflora), Wax (Stephanotis flavunda), Jasmine (Jasminum poyanthum), Dipladenia. You can also plant: English ivy, Hedera helix, Canary Island ivy, Tetrastigma voinierianum), Chestnut vine, Grape ivy, and Plush vine (Miternata). These plants are the best: Philodendron, Schefflera (Schefflera), Arrowhead (Syngonium). These are just some examples of vining plants as well as the various ways they can be supported in the home. You may discover more options for vining houseplant support as you research what is available in your local area.