Best Garden Plants For Beauty And Budget

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Garden Plants for Beauty and Budget

You’re extremely fortunate if you have one or more areas for a garden where you live. There are tons of garden plants from which you can choose, and it doesn’t have to be limited to flowers or vegetables. You can even mix your garden area so that you’ve got a combination of plants that will provide you with beauty for the eye and herbs and vegetables that will help you save on your food budget and add spice and flavor to your meals. Even if you don’t consider yourself to have a “green thumb,” you can choose plants that are easy to grow. Online help, books and magazines are readily available if you run in to problems, and most local neighborhood nurseries or online nursery sites offer landscape design services and information about plants. This article will provide some ideas that will get you going. If this is your first time into the gardening arena, don’t be afraid! Gardening can be a source of great personal satisfaction and you’ll get some wonderful exercise besides.

Vegetables and Herbs Add Zest to Every Meal and Beauty to Your Garden

The Vegetable Garden

Your own organic vegetables are tastier and healthier. Planting a vegetable and herb garden can be fun for the entire family. Kids are much more apt to try vegetables they’ve grown and harvested that those you plop before them (already cooked or prepared) on a dinner plate – and herbs have a million uses. Some easy to grow vegetable garden plants include squash, tomatoes and peppers. These are great garden plants to begin with and then you can expand as you become more confident with your gardening abilities. Herb garden plants add texture, color and aroma to your garden and can be added to any type of garden (flower, perennial, etc.) for variety. Basil and rosemary are extremely easy to grow and can be added to almost any recipe to provide a unique flavor to your meals. Preparing the soil for garden plants is important if you want them to thrive and be productive. You should cultivate the soil and add organic matter. It’s great if you can have a compost pile that can be added to and maintained. You can also grow many vegetables and herbs in containers. If you don’t have a large garden area for vegetables and herbs, a container garden is the ideal way to grow them. For more detailed instructions on how to grow vegetable and herbs, look online or in the bountiful supply of gardening books and magazines.

Enhance Your Landscape with Perennial and Flower Garden Plants

Beautify and add value to your home with hardy garden plants. How many times have you driven past a yard and exclaimed over the beautiful colors and flowering plants and wished you could do the same for your landscape. You can, if you choose the right perennial and flower garden plants. Perennial garden plants are those that last for two or more growing seasons. Some may die after the growing season and then come back next year. Other perennials grow continuously, providing color and beauty to your garden year round. Some favorite perennials that add beauty to your landscaping are Butterfly Bushes, Lilacs and Peonies. They provide flowers during the blooming season and aroma that can’t be matched. Also, many perennials, such as the Butterfly Bushes attract beautiful butterflies and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Day Lilies and Daisies are great perennials to add color to drab places in your garden that need a “color lift.” Flowers can enhance any garden, and there are some especially hardy ones out there that deserve your attention. Some, such as Hollyhocks and Hibiscus love the sun and others like Evening Primrose, Bleeding Hearts and Foxglove do very well in shaded areas of your landscape. There are so many varieties of perennial garden plants and flowers that will add zing to your garden. And the best part is choosing the best ones for your area and landscape design.

Fall and Winter Garden Plants Bring Joy During Drab Months

Fall is a colorful season in most areas of the country. Harvests of bright orange pumpkins and multi-colored squash, colorful red and gold leaves drifting down from the trees and most garden plants preparing for a nice winter rest are common fall sights. Flowering fall garden plants can provide color to your garden by blossoming in shades of the season – rust, scarlet, gold and deep purple garden plants such as Asters blend with other flowers in your garden very well. When summer flowers have faded away, Asters will bloom on in beautiful purple, blue, pink and white hues. The Chrysanthemum is a fall favorite and sure to please the eye with all the striking colors they bring to the garden. Sunflowers now come in smaller and sturdier sizes than the ones you commonly see on the side of the road. They’re also a favorite among fall garden plants. Mother Nature even finds a way to brighten up our winters with garden plants that create interest and variety during the most dismal of months. If you choose carefully, your garden will continue to thrive and be a thing of beauty, even when other garden plants are taking a winter nap.

Consider the climate when choosing plants for your winter garden. There are many sites online where you

Photo Courtesy of Leigh Ann Morgan

can see which plants do best in various zones. The best one is the USDA Hardiness Zone Map that divides North America into eleven sections and clearly shows which plants can thrive in winter months. Some plants, shrubs and trees can bring in the holiday season with a bang. And, there are also flowers that do quite well in some areas during the winter. Flowers such as Camellias are showy and do well in most areas during the winter months. They sport shiny evergreen leaves and flowers in all shades of pink and red. The Japanese Maple tree is a favorite with experienced gardeners to add color in a drab garden area. Dramatic and showy, the Japanese Maple is mostly admired for its fall foliage, but after the leaves fall, the branches and limbs add sculpture to your garden plants. Red berries and evergreen leaves of holly plants make them a wonderful choice to add to your winter garden plants. There are hardy varieties that will do well in almost any area of the country. Bring the branches and bright berries inside for holiday decoration.

Know How to Buy Garden Plants

If gardening is your hobby, you may have tried several methods of purchasing the best garden plants for the best price. The local nursery can offer garden plants that are best suited to your area and give you advice on the best ways to grow them. Design your garden spot(s) before rushing out to buy seeds or plants. It’s important that you have in mind where the plants will have their best chances of thriving and of making the best “statements” in your garden and landscape before you spend the money. You can get some good deals at large, mega stores, but you may not always get the plants that are especially bred for your area. Do your research beforehand and always ask questions about where the plants originated and which are suitable for your type of garden areas. Many gardeners like to start their garden plants from seeds and order them through mail order companies such as Burpee and Spring Hill, but if you’re impatient, this might not be the right method for you. The Internet has made shopping convenient and the vast array of products offered online gives us a shopping experience like no other. Garden plants are no exception. Almost any type of plant can be found for sale online.

The Best Way to Buy Garden Plants Online

Buy Plants Online Shop for vegetables, herbs, perennial, flowers, fall and winter garden plants at your leisure by using the Internet. Most of us now have at least one computer in our home and the Internet has made it possible for us to reach far and wide for garden plants that we have a passion for – or simply one we have an infatuation with. One of the great features of purchasing garden plants from online nurseries is that most all of them offer information about the plants. With a click of the button, you can enter the world of garden plants all over the world and find out if they’re right for your soil and climate and what efforts are involved in growing them. There are normal variety plants offered online, such as tomatoes and other vegetables, herb gardening sites that tell you how to grow them in containers, plant them outdoors and some even have helpful recipes for you to try. There is an abundance of flower plant sites and also shrubs and trees.

If you’re a beginner gardener, you’ll want to take advantage of the instructions that online garden nursery sites offer. You’ll learn how to prepare the soil, create a compost, how to plant and when to fertilize and water. Many online sites offer online chats or you can email your questions and receive an answer within 24 hours. The ability to buy garden plants online has changed the way we think about certain plants. We no longer feel boxed in to garden plants that the local nursery offers. Now, we can spread our wings and try our luck with exotic or unusual plants. Look online to see the variety and ease with which you can purchase garden plants that will be perfect for your garden or landscape. Never before has gardening been so easy – or so enjoyable.